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Who are FCDO Services? We’re a government organisation that provides secure services to UK and overseas government bodies. We build embassies. We design CCTV networks. We set up servers storing vital government data. We deliver diplomatic parcels across continents. And apprentices play a key role in making it all happen. We’ve always been experts in security, staying one step ahead for our government-level customers. But after launching our first technical trainee scheme back in 1964, we immediately saw the benefit this fresh talent added to our organisation, so we’ve evolved and invested in our apprenticeship programmes ever since.

Our team’s made up of skilled individuals who manage a wide range of technical problems. This specialist knowledge is key, so our team saw the incredible opportunity to train colleagues, creating the workforce of the future. While the challenges we faced in 1964 have certainly changed, our need to stay a step ahead hasn’t. Today, our apprenticeship offering is bigger and better than ever before. From Engineering to IT; Building Surveying to Finance; there’s a wide variety of roles to discover as a FCDO Services apprentice.

Bring a thirst for knowledge and find exceptional support

Wondering how you could build your future as an apprentice? Whichever programme you join, you’ll get stuck into the practical side of your role while studying to give you the accredited qualifications to match your experience. You’ll learn from industry experts at every turn to help you become a fully-fledged professional too, creating a long-lasting career from day one.

Maybe you’re interested in achieving a formal IT qualification or becoming an engineer who’ll be designing secure embassies of the future. Or perhaps you’re a student who wants to start earning while learning a trade or a career-changer who wants to take on a new challenge. No matter your background, here you’ll be supported wholeheartedly and welcomed with open arms – even if it’s virtually for the time being.

Not only will you develop a rewarding career, but you’ll make a real impact along the way. Whether you’re focused on Business Administration or Engineering, your work will mean governments can continue to run smoothly, protecting people everywhere. Plus, you’ll play a crucial role in futureproofing our workforce, as you learn the skills to provide vital services for government-level customers around the world.

Get a glimpse into life with us from those who know best

Who better to tell you what it’s really like to be an FCDO Services apprentice than our past and present apprentices themselves?

Working side by side by with former apprentices is an important part of our programmes – not only to offer support, but to inspire the next generation too. “You can come in as an apprentice here and talk to people who were apprentices themselves years ago, and they’re really high up the organisation now. People really want you to progress too.” – Logistics apprentice.

Then there’s the fact that apprentices take on real-world projects and create global impact – no matter whether they’ve changed careers or joined us fresh from their GCSEs. “It’s a big step to go from school to such a vital company and such wide-reaching responsibilities – but it’s also such an incredible opportunity.” – Technical Engineering apprentice.

The support we offer is second to none. There’s a long line of colleagues ready to lend a helping hand and make sure you strike the perfect balance between independent learning and tailored support. “What I’ve found is, your team will be happy to let you get on with something if you feel you can do it, but the last thing they’re going to do is drop you in the deep end: they’ll always be patient and teach you.” – IT apprentice.

What’s more, we’ll give you the training needed to reach your long-term goals, while providing meaningful work that will see you learn while you earn. “The experience gives you a good grounding – you get work to get your teeth into and you can work your way up.” – Former apprentice.

And apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers. Maybe you’ve taken a career break. Or perhaps you’re ready for a new challenge. Whatever position you’re in, an apprenticeship will open up a new world of opportunity. “I was a childminder while my own kids were small. Now that they’re a bit older, this seemed like a great way to start a new career, in a place where I’d have plenty of support and flexibility.” – Former apprentice.

Let’s start building your future, together

We love to see our apprentices thrive as they develop long-lasting, successful careers. Together, we’re going from strength to strength as we serve and protect customers around the world. The work we do is important – and so are our apprentices.

By joining FCDO Services, you’ll open the door to your future career and discover the various paths to choose from. And we’ll be there to help you at every step with on-the-job training, meaningful work and an inclusive, supportive team.

Find out more by walking through an apprentice’s journey in our virtual embassy. Then, to make sure you don’t miss out, register for an account with us – or login here if you already have an account. Click on ‘Job Alerts’ in the top menu to set up your alerts – we’ll look forward to receiving your application.